Human Resources

Human Resources Staff

The Department of Human Resources at the City of Lima consists of two staff members, Della Bradford (Director of HR) and Jacalyn Vorhees (HR Generalist). The city, as a whole, has approximately 400 full-time employees, plus over 50 seasonal and temporary employees through the year. The department has ultimate responsibility for all human resource and personnel related issues, such as:

  • Benefit administration
  • Employment law issues
  • Employee personnel files
  • Labor contract negotiation and administration
  • Workers compensation
  • A variety of other employee-based concerns

Labor Relations

The City of Lima currently has five (5) collective bargaining units (labor unions) representing a majority of employees working in the various departments. This includes three separate FOP units, one IAFF unit and one AFSCME unit. Ohio State Law does not allow police (FOP) and fire (IAFF) units to strike. As such, both the City of Lima, and units representing police and fire are subject to a state-mandated arbitration process in the event that contract negotiations reach impasse.

Wellness Team

The City of Lima, with employee participation, implemented a wellness program in 2006, to improve the quality of life of its employees and their family members. The program is voluntary and provides incentives for those that choose to participate.

 A healthier employee and dependent population, while enhancing the employee's quality of life and productivity, also reduces the cost associated with providing healthcare, thereby allowing the City to use limited resources in other areas to maximize service delivery to citizens.

Drug-Free Workplace

The City of Lima is a drug-free workplace and has qualified as such, as defined by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, since May 2003. We believe that it is important to provide a safe workplace for all of our employees. Behaviors related to substance abuse can endanger employees and/or members of the public. The use of illegal substances (or legal substances as restricted by policy) in the workplace is not tolerated. The City of Lima conducts regular substance abuse testing of employees as required and allowed by state and federal law.

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