Prevention (Public Education)

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Lima Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau consists of two full-time Certified Fire Safety Inspectors Shawn Allgire and Warren Pughsley. These two inspectors perform mandatory inspections at both hospitals, child/adult care facilities, the correctional institutions, hotels and motels, foster homes, Headstart/preschool facilities, health spas and any businesses that are in need of an inspection.

Besides the numerous existing buildings and businesses that are inspected, every new business must be inspected by the Fire Prevention Bureau before it can open it's doors to the public. In the near future, the Bureau will be busy with the construction of the new schools and the Global Energy plant. Inspecting the plans, alarm systems, sprinkler systems, means of egress, exits and other code requirements are tasks they are looking forward to.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is the first full week in October, and the Bureau goes to all schools in the city to do presentations, give speeches and challenge the young people of the community to be safe. They also give instruction about fire safety at Safety City. Inspectors Allgire and Pughsley have joined the Mayor's team of speakers for Positive Lifestyles, a group that goes into the schools using today's issues and employment opportunities to motivate the kids to make positive decisions in life.

Fire Safety Tips

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