Police Department

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The Lima Police Department's members must be committed to doing the right thing the right way, based on our vision, mission and values. This is where our future begins....


The Lima Police Department strives to be an organization: in which all our members recognize their individual leadership roles in adhering to the values we deem to be important, regardless of our rank or position within the department; that is committed to continuous improvement and quality service for our customers, our organization and ourselves, and that serves as the epitome of excellence in professional policing; wherein everyone is treated fairly; in which we value each other, creating an atmosphere that encourages innovation and commitment to advance our vision, mission and values; that is ethical and professional in all we do.


The Lima Police Department is committed to excellence.
Our mission is to work in partnership with the community to improve the quality of life by creatively solving problems related to crime, the fear of crime, and neighborhood decay and to safeguard the constitutional rights of all.



To be honest and complete in our dealings with the community and with each other.
To be committed to follow the principles set forth in the oath of office and the standards established by the Lima Police Department.


To have esteem, respect and reverence for our personal and professional family as well as the citizens and visitors of Lima.


To have the courage to do what is right even at personal sacrifice.
To have the courage to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
To be brave and persevere in the face of danger.
To have the courage to admit when we are wrong.