Special Weapons & Tactics

The Lima Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team work consists of the service of high risk search warrants, handling hostage/barricade situations, protection for the President and presidential candidates, and a wide range of other situations.

Mission Statement

The Lima Police Department SWAT team stands ready to assist in the resolution of those problems, which by their nature, have a greater propensity to be dangerous. The team will be prepared to undertake assignments which require a coordinated and calculated response for resolution. The teams will strive for preparedness for dangerous situations through continued training and assessment of threats to the Lima community.

The Team

Members of the SWAT team train together once per month and are required to train at the firing range additional days throughout the month. Additionally, team members are sent away to outside tactical school/courses throughout the year. The team is a part time unit and is activated when needed. Also assigned to the team are paramedics from the Lima Fire Department.