The Streets of Lima

The City of Lima encompasses nearly 14 square miles with over 150 miles of roadway. The Division of Streets has the daunting task of maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the city's public streets, alleys and common spaces. Responsibilities of the division include snow removal (PDF), roadway repair, roadway signage, street lighting, pothole repair, street sweeping, catch basin repair, tree removal, leaf removal (PDF) and many other maintenance obligations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Division of Streets, please contact our Deputy Public Works Director, Warner Roach.

Street Division Operation & Maintenance and Policies

Pavement Resurfacing Programasphalt-pavers3.jpg

Through State Issue I funding, the City of Lima is able to pave local roadways in an effort to maintain safe travel corridors. 

Street Sweeping

Our Streets Division performs regular street cleaning while the weather permits. If you would like to report a street that may need cleaning, please call (419) 221-5165.

Street Sweeping

Winter Driving - Snow Emergency Classificationssnow flakes

A county sheriff may, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 311.07 & 311.08, declare a snow emergency and temporarily close the state roads and municipal streets within his/her jurisdiction when such action is reasonably necessary for the preservation of public peace. 

LEVEL 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may be icy. Motorists are urged to drive very cautiously.

LEVEL 2: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be very icy. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roads. Contact your employer to see if you should report to work. Motorists should use extreme caution. 

LEVEL 3: All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be driving during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel or a personal emergency exists. All employees should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. Those traveling on the roads may subject themselves to arrest.

Clearing of Sidewalks
snow tracks on walk

The City of Lima is asking property owners to keep the sidewalks clear as snow and ice continues to obstruct and endanger pedestrians this winter season.

Under city regulations, the “owner, occupant or any person having the care of any building, lot, or land abutting on any street, square or other public way within the city, where there is a sidewalk in front of or alongside of the same, shall, within the first four hours after daylight after snow has ceased to fall, cause such snow to be removed from such sidewalk.”

Failure to follow this section of the code can lead to citations and fines.

Snow Removal Policies

snow plow
Snow Removal

Click HERE to read the City of Lima's Snow Removal Policy.

Narrow Streets

Click HERE to read the City of Lima's policy on plowing narrow streets. 

Citywide Leaf PickupLeaf Raking

Residents are requested to follow these helpful hints when raking their leaves. Hopefully this will make the leaf pickup go more efficiently and reduce cost. 

  1. 1) Please bag any small accumulation of leaves- leaf bags are available to City of Lima residents at no cost- either at 900 S. Collett St. Or Billing and Collections located at 424 N. Central Ave. and place them out with regular trash per our city contract. 

  2. 2) Rake all leaves to the curb lawn, not in the street. Our crews have the equipment to rake them from the curb lawns. When leaves are raked into the streets, vehicles break them down and this creates problems with pickup. Also it is a safety hazard. Children playing in the street are not noticeable by drivers. 

  3. 3) Make sure all piles of leaves are free of rocks, junk, grass clippings, limbs and other debris in order to expedite leaf pickup and avoid injury to our crew or damage to equipment.

  4. 4) Prior to the start of pick up, large amounts of tree and leaf debris can be taken to the Lima Compost Facility located at 1227 E. Hanthorn Road. Residents will need to bring their water bill along with them to access the Compost Facility. 

Residents are requested to refrain from piling leaves on curb lawns during weeks other than their scheduled ward pickup. Weekly progress updates will be provided through the media so residents can anticipate the arrival of city work crews. 

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City of Lima Street Crew, 1930

2002 Street Crew

City of Lima Street Crew, 2002