Customer Service

Customer Service Building

The Utilities Customer Service Division, also known as the “water department”, handles the billing and collection of all utility accounts in Lima and the surrounding areas. Currently billing close to 27,000 accounts which are split into 4 cycles, where one cycle is billed per week.   All bills are processed, printed and mailed in-house. The services that are currently being billed for are water, sewer and refuse. 

In addition to billing, our office also has multiple customer service specialists on phones and at desks in the lobby to help answer any questions that customers may have pertaining to their bills, usage, possible leaks and also to assist owners who need to sign in for service or close their existing account. Quotes and permit fees for customers that want to connect to water and/or sewer are processed in the Customer Service Division.  

Our lobby is open 8:30-4:30pm on weekdays for those who prefer to pay their bills in person, but our office has upgraded many features over the last several years in an attempt to be more user-friendly for our customers.  These upgrades have allowed us to add more ways for customers to conveniently pay their utilities bill. 

Payment Options

Payments can be made the following ways:

  • Customer Service Office located at 424 N Central Ave. accepts cash, check, money orders, and debit/credit cards with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo.
  • Pay online by using a debit or credit.
  • Pay by phone by calling 1-855-973-1210.  You must have your customer and account number!  
  • Night box located on the west side of the building.  We ask that you do not place cash in the night box. 
  • Automatic Withdraw - the city also offers the opportunity for customers to have their bill automatically drafted from their bank account each month on their due date. To set this up, the customer will need to fill out the Application for Automatic Withdrawal or go to Customer Service Portal to sign up.

Payments are due by the close of business on the due date stated on the bill or they will be considered "late".

The Customer Service office is the only authorized payment center to accept water utility payments.

Other Important Information

To sign in for service, a Water Service Agreement must be completed along with having a valid picture I.D.

A number of common questions can be answered by viewing our frequently asked questions.