Information on a Subpoena

What does my subpoena mean?

The subpoena is a court order requiring you to appear in court. If you are subpoenaed to appear in court and do not appear, it makes it more difficult for the prosecution to prove the case. In addition, the court may hold you responsible for any court costs that have accrued in the case and/or hold you in contempt of court. It is very important that you come to all court hearings on time!

  • Defendant’s name
  • Witness’s name and address
  • Case number
  • Date of the hearing
  • Time person requested should be there
  • What exactly is going on (trial, hearing, etc)
  • Which courtroom

Sample of subpoena (PDF).

I have moved. How can I change my address?

Please call (419) 223-7272 or email Subpoena Officer at the prosecutor’s office with your new information. They can change your address to ensure you continue to receive subpoenas.

The City Prosecutor’s office does not dismiss charges solely upon your request. This doesn’t mean that they do not need your input, but it does mean that either the prosecutor or the judge will make the final decision about the case.

Please Do Not Report Crimes To The Prosecutor’s Office.
 Report Them To Your Local Law Enforcement Agency.