Lima's Sister Cities

Sister Cities of Lima, Ohio
 Lima's International
 Sister Cities Association

Lima's Sister Cities Association was formed in 1995 to establish sister city relationships with one or more foreign cities to promote greater understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures and to celebrate Lima's growing participation in a global community.

Through the exchange of information, the development of personal relationships among representatives of the cities and wide public attention to the culture and economy of her sister cities, Lima aims to foster a bond between these cities that extends across the full social, racial and economic spectrum of our community.

The association aims to:

  • Introduce the Lima Community to the people, culture and economy of comparable foreign cities.
  • Facilitate the Development of extensive personal relationships between a cross-section of the Lima Social and economic community and its sister cities.
  • Develop programs and activities that disseminate information about the sister cities throughout Lima and which encourage the discussion and learning about our twin cities across the full range of public, private and business institutions within the area.
  • Secure sufficient financial support to ensure the full participation of representatives of all parts of the Lima community in the travel and hospitality opportunities associated with sister city relations

Lima Sister Cities is a volunteer membership association designed to embrace individuals and organizations with international interests in our community. Whether you have ever traveled abroad or experienced another culture, you will enjoy the multi-cultural experiences that membership offers. We bring the world to you!