Site Development Plan Review


A Site Development Plan is required for non-residential improvements when:

  • There is an increase in impervious area. Examples: Parking Lot (asphalt, concrete, or gravel) or Buildings (new or addition)
  • Land disturbance (non-agricultural) of one (1) acre or more. In most cases a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is needed along with the Site Development Plan.
  • An addition of three (3) or more parking spaces to an existing surface lot.

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The above mentioned activities can have an adverse effect on the City's sewer system and ultimately our receiving rivers, streams, and lakes if proper steps are not taken during design and construction. Site development plans shall address these impacts by providing and/or constructing temporary and/or permanent Best Management Practices (BMPs). The Site Development Plan shall be a separate plan and submittal than what the Building & Zoning Department will receive. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding when you might need a Site Development Plan and what should be included in the plan, please contact the Engineering Department.