Workforce and Small Business Development

The Workforce and Small Business Development Department's mission is to meet the needs of workforce and small business development in the City of Lima. We design, implement, and manage multifaceted small business and workforce development projects and programs to meet those needs and overcome barriers.

Our Vision

The City of Lima will be the regional hub for commerce in Allen County, known as the city of quality workers where household income exceeds the state average, creating a robust and diverse epicenter of business.  

Our Values

  • Inclusive - All residents and local businesses have the same opportunities to participate in the development and ownership of our thriving local economy.  Conscious efforts will be made to include under represented individuals and groups. 
  • Efficient - Deliver simplified processes for creating and doing business in the City of Lima.  
  • Collaborative - Economic development activities will support mutual county goals which include; job creation, increase population and expansion of manufacturing in the area. 
  • Committed - Dedicated to providing support and resources for economic stability and vitality. 
  • Forward Thinking - Looking towards innovation and trends as we envision the Lima of tomorrow.

Funding Sources