Security Camera Database

The Security Camera Database program provides members of the Lima Police Department with a contact list to see who (Person / Business) might have captured security footage of a crime which occurred in your area. 

When a crime is committed, officers will be able to refer to this list, or have dispatch retrieve the list and quickly identify cameras in that area to determine whether those cameras may have captured something to assist in their investigations. The Lima Police Department will then make contact with the camera’s owner and request to review the video footage from the date and time of the crime. This process greatly expedites and enhances our investigations with identifying and apprehending the suspect. 

Information regarding your system will be for the Lima Police Department use only. Participation in the program does not alter or affect your rights to privacy in any way and is completely voluntary. Your information is kept confidential and can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the program coordinator. 

If you would like to assist by joining this program, please complete the Security Camera Database Form

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lt. Matt Douglass at