Consent Decree

In 2014 the City of Lima, the United States, and the State of Ohio filed a landmark consent decree in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.  The decree allows Lima substantial flexibility in implementing its integrated plan, including wastewater treatment plant upgrades, combined sewer overflow (CSO) controls and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) controls, over the next 24 years.  The requirements of the consent decree are summarized below:

  • Increase wastewater treatment plant peak wet weather capacity to 70 million gallons per day
  • Construct a 13 million gallon storage basin to hold combined sewage water during heavy rainfall events
  • Reduce combined sewer overflows to 5 or fewer in a typical year
  • Develop a comprehensive capacity management operation and maintenance (CMOM) plan to prevent dry weather overflows
  • Develop a long-term sewer system asset management plan
  • Construct strategic sewer separation projects
  • Construct upgrades to all 7 sanitary sewer basins to prevent sanitary sewer overflows during heavy rainfall events
  • Construct a supplemental environmental project that will plant trees along the Ottawa River