Can I burn trash at my house?
No, you cannot burn trash, yard waste or left over construction materials, however, you can have a small recreational fire as long as it meets specific guidelines. This link “open burning guideline” will explain what you can and cannot burn and how to burn it. A quick overview:
• Must burn seasoned firewood (dry), no leaves.
• No larger than three (3) feet in diameter and two (2) feet tall.
• Must be attended by an adult at all times.
• Fire can be no closer than 25 feet to the nearest structure.
• An extinguishing agent (garden hose, fire extinguisher) must be easily accessible.

A fire official can order the fire to be extinguished even if it meets these guidelines if it is determined to be a nuisance or danger. High winds, excessive smoke or smoke blowing into a neighbor’s window are some examples.

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