Who is responsible for street lights?
Street lights are owned by either the City of Lima or American Electric Power. Call (419) 221-5165.

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1. Who handles problems with traffic signals?
2. Who is responsible for dealing with standing water in the roadways or public right-of-ways?
3. Who handles potholes, dead animals or debris in roadways and unsafe roadway conditions?
4. Who is responsible for street lights?
5. Who do we contact regarding road closures, street signs or road barricades?
6. Do I need a permit to do work on my house? What type of work warrants a permit?
7. How do I arrange an inspection on my building project?
8. Do I need a permit if I am building a new shed or installing a fence?
9. Are permits required for garage sales?
10. Who do I contact to reserve a shelter house or arrange a wedding in a park?
11. When is the Summer Playground Program and how do I sign up?
12. Does the City of Lima have a tree planting program?
13. Will the City of Lima remove my tree?
14. Can I put tree or shrub debris out for pickup?
15. Is there a disposal site for limbs and yard debris in the city?
16. Where can I pick up leaf bags?
17. Who handles refuse, recycling and yard waste pick-up?
18. Who do I contact about my stormwater assessment fee? Are there any reductions possible?
19. Who do I contact if I have questions about my sanitary service?
20. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns with my water service or water bill?
21. Are permits required for water or sanitary services?