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Lima Stadium Park

Lima Stadium Park was designed to create a recreational gathering space by repurposing a stretch of vacant, dilapidated homes along one of the city’s main corridors into the downtown district. As a result, the project revitalized five acres of land adjacent to the existing stadium grounds which helped create an aesthetic and vibrant community space.  Lima Stadium Park includes three acres of open green space, meandering sidewalks, perimeter fencing with controlled access points, a new public restroom facility, a giant public splash-pad water park, a grotto area which commemorates five local high schools from the city and improved parking area with drainage.
Adjacent to Lima Stadium Park is the historic Lima Stadium (now named Spartan Stadium), a product of the 1933 WPA program, which has been home to five local high schools over its lifetime and has served as a community gathering spot for numerous events. In its infancy, the stadium was nestled along the banks of the Ottawa River and within a residential district which sheltered the stadium from the public eyes for quite some time. In the early 2000's, Lima Senior High School relocated their campus and other athletic fields across the river from the stadium. This instantly brought continuity to the schools’ campus and exposure back to the stadium. Through the vision of Mayor David Berger and a few private developers, the concept of repurposing the final stretch of residential homes into a public park and creating an extension of the existing stadium was born.  In 2016, Lima Stadium Park was developed into a recreational and community gathering space which celebrates the resiliency of the City of Lima and provides a stunning backdrop to the downtown district.
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